Complex processing of sea brines of desalination plants

19 Sep 2019, 14:00


Prof. Baurzhan Duisebayev (LLP Universal Design Technological Bureau)


Water are the most important resource for sustainable human development. Many countries today do not have sufficient fresh water resources and are forced to use desalination technology of sea water. Despite many years of accumulated experience of these technologies remain unresolved, such technological and ecological problems like high energy consumption, low degree of use of abstracted water, the accumulation of salt brines. The article discusses integrated approaches to solving these problems.
First, it is advisable the development of innovative technologies for seawater desalination based on nanotechnology, which will reduce energy consumption and improve the efficiency of desalination.
Secondly, highly concentrated brines can become a new resource base for the development of some chemical productions. Complex processing of such brines will create a diversified chemical clusters and thus reduce the cost of production of fresh water.
Kazakhstan has the technological potential in this field and is willing to share it with other countries.

Position of speaker Director
Affiliation of speaker LLP Universal Design Technological Bureau
Publication Журнал «Известия вузов. Инвестиции. Строительство. Недвижимость»

Primary author

Prof. Baurzhan Duisebayev (LLP Universal Design Technological Bureau)


Mr Kalilallo Baytasov (Kazakh-British technical university)

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