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Малый конференц-зал, 1 этаж ()

Малый конференц-зал, 1 этаж

Oral Enviromentally-Frendly Energy Conversion and Supply/Экоэнергетика Enviromentally-Frendly Energy Conversion and Supply/Экоэнергетика


Dmitry Karamov


The paper is concerned with the possibilities and efficiency of renewable energy sources when used in remote settlements. A large number of such settlements have no connection to the centralized electrical network, and form an autonomous power system. The diesel generators have been used as the main source of electricity in such systems.The study examines the Irkutsk region (East Siberia) where more than 60 such settlements are situated. Their location causes increased costs for the delivery of diesel fuel. Consequently, significant subsidies from the regional budget are needed.
The territory of the Irkutsk region has a great potential of renewable energy resources. The wind energy potential of the Irkutsk region is however low: the average annual wind speeds at a height of 10 meters in most of the territory do not exceed 2 m/s. At such speeds, the use of wind power plants is not economically feasible. The region is characterized by a seasonal irregularity of the flow of small watercourses, and the freezing of rivers in the winter period, especially in the northern regions. The high density of solar radiation creates good conditions for the use of solar power plants. Currently, the Irkutsk region has two solar power plants in the Onguren and Nerha local systems. The operation of such systems has demonstrated saving up to 45-50% of diesel fuel annually. The combined use of renewable energy sources with energy storage and traditional power plants provides cost-effective energy supply to the consumers.
The climatic indicators are analyzed according to the perennial meteorological data. The study employs the actual electrical load of the consumers. The optimization of equipment configuration problem is solved. The results of the study show the acceptable cost-effectiveness of the renewable energy sources when used to supply electricity to the consumers in the remote rural areas.

Affiliation of speaker Melentiev Energy Systems Institute SB RAS
Position of speaker научный сотрудник
Publication Journal of Cleaner Production

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