18 Sep 2019, 14:00
Панорамный конференц-зал, 6 этаж ()

Панорамный конференц-зал, 6 этаж


Prof. Alexander Tunik (Irkutsk State Technical University)


For energy supply and sewage treatment of villages in the countryside, cottage settlements and even separate buildings it is necessary to build additional energy and sewage treatment plants, with associated complex design work. In most cases, after deterioration or obsolescence of these stations, it is necessary to carry out major repairs and reconstruction or conservation, followed by the construction of new stations. It is also impossible to move them with reusing in case of a decrease in the number of subscribers of these stations. Not to mention the fact that the use of traditional energy often has environmental consequences. This is especially concerns the recreational areas, like The Baikal Nature Territory in the Irkutsk Oblast, Zabaykalsky Krai and Republic of Buryatia.
Development and perfection of urban infrastructure is impossible without the reconstruction and modernization of life support systems. At the same time, this is one of the most difficult scientific, technical and engineering tasks. The use of renewable energy sources can solve many of the above problems, but even they alone cannot solve the problems of mobility and dependence on external factors.
In the result of the our research a complex mobile independent power stations was developed, which will allow to solve the above problems.
This station contains renewable energy equipment for producing heat and electric energy. Besides there are a wastewater treatment plant, which allows to expand the functionality of the station. The complex mobile independent power station is intended for full power supply a different kind of consumers, located even in remote areas, reducing dependence from centralized energy supply systems, decrease the fossil fuel consumption, improvement of the environment of urban areas and solve the problems of purification of industrial and municipal wastewater, and also suitable for using in the recreational areas.

Affiliation of speaker Irkutsk State Technical University
Position of speaker Senior Lecturer

Primary authors

Prof. Alexander Tunik (Irkutsk State Technical University) Prof. Michail Tolstoy (Irkutsk State Technicak University) Dr Michail Kalashnikov (East Siberia State University of Technology and Management)

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