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Малый конференц-зал, 1 этаж ()

Малый конференц-зал, 1 этаж

Oral Sustainable Use of Natural Resources/Рациональное природопользование Sustainable Use of Natural Resources/Рациональное природопользование


Boris Sevastyanov


The work shows the history of the development of the profession of a specialist in the field of labor protection, from the beginning of the 20th century in the Russian Empire for the first time began the training of specialists in occupational safety at the Peter the Great Institute, St. Petersburg. The professional duties of a specialist in the field of labor protection are specified in current regulatory legal acts, including work as part of commissions on labor protection, accident investigation, drafting documents, orders, plans and reports relating to labor protection, and providing advice to heads of departments and enterprises for the protection of works. It turned out that they have organizational, managerial and supervisory content. The analysis of the content of professional competencies of the federal state educational standard of higher education "Technosphere safety" and the labor functions of a specialist in the field of labor protection is shown, it is shown that some of the academic disciplines included in educational programs are very distantly related to the activities of a labor protection specialist. At the same time, academic disciplines arising from the professional duties of an occupational safety specialist are not included in the curricula, which indicates the need for a substantial adjustment of the content of the educational standard for technospheric safety and, above all, towards a fuller account of those functions that are imposed by current regulatory legal acts on specialists of labor protection services organizations. The list of vocational orienteering disciplines that should be included in the curriculum for preparing students in the direction of "Technosphere safety" is given.

Position of speaker зав. кафедрой
Affiliation of speaker Kalashnikov Izhevsk State Technical University

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