Combined alternative power sources for offshore oil and gas fields

Apr 22, 2021, 4:45 PM
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oral Environmentally-Friendly Energy Conversion and Supply Enviromentally-Frendly Energy Conversion and Supply


Mr Ershat Shafhatov (Saint-Petersburg Mining University)


Decreasing of shelf oil and gas reserves forced on companies to move the production to the deepwater, where using of floating platforms becomes difficult. Weather conditions are issue of great importance is such projects too, especially in Arctic regions. Subsea technologies which are safer and more ecologically friendly become more suitable.
Production and transportation of hydrocarbons is energy-demanding process. Usually, platforms and subsea units supplies form the diesel generator or from surface cable lines.
Each energy supply method has advantages and disadvantages, but today renewable has capacity to provide the energy for the subsea technologies.
Existing technologies has limits in energy productions and key task for is constant development of renewable technologies to provide the green operating of subsea units.
This project highlights the technologies for using green energy for subsea units, various combination structures are proposed.
Wind generators are widely used in the world, both on land and at sea. However, their intermittency and variability limit the reliability of power supply. The increased interest in wave power is associated with the huge energy potential. And with these devices, power generation is more predictable and less variable than wind power.
Thus, a combination of offshore wind generators and wave converters will reduce the intermittency and variability of power generation and thus reduce the need for storage and use of generator sets.
Therefore, the combined use of these units will create a more balanced and reliable power system, which will lead to a significant reduction in energy costs. In order to facilitate the integration of marine energy sources and the development of new systems based on the use of multiple sources, a system of joint use of wave plants and wind generators for power supply of underground mining system is proposed.

Position of speaker PhD student
Affiliation of speaker Saint Petersburg Mining University
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Mr Ershat Shafhatov (Saint-Petersburg Mining University)


Mr Denis Ustinov (Saint-Petersburg Mining University) Mr Viacheslav Zyrin (Saint-Petersburg Mining University)

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