Technology for obtaining essential fatty acids and collagen hydrolyzate from production waste of slightly salted herring

Apr 23, 2021, 12:45 PM
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Anastasiya Yakkola


Effective use of collagen-containing waste of the fishing industry - skin from cutting slightly salted herring - is proposed.
The technology for obtaining fish oil containing omega-3-fatty acids and collagen hydrolyzate from collagen-containing wastes of the production of slightly salted herring preserves has been developed. Rational parameters of waste hydrolysis in gentle conditions with the use of electrochemically obtained catholytes, which ensure waste-free processing of raw materials and reduction of oxidized nutrients, have been substantiated. The technology was tested on fatty raw materials - skin from cutting lightly salted herring. The physicochemical properties of raw materials and products obtained from it by an electrochemical method have been investigated. The yields of fish oil and collagen hydrolyzate were determined. A comparative analysis of the fatty acid composition of the skin - waste from cutting slightly salted herring before and after electrochemical treatment was carried out.
Сryoconcentration method of omega-3-fatty acids in fish oil has been developed.
The recommended daily intake of the obtained cryoconcentrated fish oil in the composition of a biologically active food supplement and recommendations for its use in the composition of functional food have been calculated.

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Affiliation of speaker ITMO University, Faculty of Biotechnologies

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Elena Kuprina Anastasiya Yakkola Mr Andrey Manuilov (ITMO University) Valery Filippov Mr Pavel Demidov (ITMO University, Faculty of Biotechnologies )

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