Imitation game as an occupational safety requirements training tool

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Boris Sevastyanov


The modern level of development of the psychological and pedagogical science presupposes their integration into the educational area of "life safety". Humanization of technical education makes it possible to expand the possibilities of using modern pedagogical technologies in the process of teaching for Master’s degree in the "Management of Technosphere Safety" specialization. Respectively, this paper is primarily aimed to substantiate the effectiveness of imitation games in occupational safety Master’s training. In the course of the research the following objectives were focused: the approaches to occupational safety Master’s training, the possibilities of using simulation for teaching labor safety requirements; the analysis of results gained while teaching labor protection requirements with the help of imitation games. The study results have led to the conclusion that imitation games increase the effectiveness of teaching labor protection requirements and motivate future Masters to look further into this field of research.
The possibility to simulate a real working environment during the training game allows a future labor protection specialist to immerse himself in professional activities, try to fulfill the competency of managers at different levels in the occupational safety department, study related legislation, and understand how the labor protection management system functions at an enterprise. For graduates, the use of imitation games as a method of teaching labor safety requirements is a means of obtaining initial experience in production activities. Acquaintance with the work of the occupational safety department during the game facilitates the process of adaptation of a beginner specialist to the workplace.

Publication IOP Conference Series: Earth and Environmental Science
Position of speaker Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor, Head of the Department of Technosphere Safety
Affiliation of speaker FSBEI of HE “Kalashnikov Izhevsk State Technical University”

Primary authors

Boris Sevastyanov Robert Shadrin Mrs Anna Vladislavovna Shalamova (FSBEI of HE “Kalashnikov Izhevsk State Technical University”) Natalya Victorovna Selyunina (FSBEI of HE “Kalashnikov Izhevsk State Technical University”)

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