Impact of technogenic dust pollution on of a closed mining enterprise in Priamurye the ecosphere and human health

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Natalia Rastanina (Pacific National University)


The article presents the results of research on the elemental status of children and adolescents living within the boundaries of the closed tin mining, city-forming enterprise of JSC "Solnechny GOK". The quantitative content of heavy metal and arsenic compounds in tin ore processing waste and soil was determined. The connection of changes in the elemental status of children living in the territory with a high level of technogenic environmental pollution is considered. The feature of the element status of children in the study area is determined. These are high levels of heavy metals, including lead, chromium, and arsenic. At the same time, there is a reduced content of essential elements, such as zinc and cobalt.
It is proved that compounds of toxic chemical elements from mineral waste, such as lead, cadmium, arsenic, actively affect the child's body, thereby contributing to the emergence of environmentally caused diseases. The effect of atmospheric pollutants from the surface of the tailing dump (dust, suspended particles, gaseous substances) leads to changes in the immune system of the human body, the formation of a predisposition to the development of diseases of the respiratory system. Methods have been developed to reduce the dust load from the surface of the tailings dump, the novelty of which is confirmed By patents of the Russian Federation [1,2] and recommendations for correcting violations in the elemental status of biological material of children.
1. Рatent of the Russian Federation No. 2672453. Publ. 14/11/ 2018, Bul. No. 32. IPC SO 9K 3/22; SO9K 17/00. Application 2017142896, 7.12.2017. Authors: Krupskaya L. T., Rastanina N. K., Golubev D. A., Filatova M. Yu. Method for dust suppression for remediation of the surface of the tailings dump.−2018.
2. Patent of the Russian Federation No. 2707030, 21.11.2019. Composition for reducing the dust load on the ecosphere and remediating the surface of the tailings dump. Application No. 2019114495 dated 13.05.2019. Authors: Krupskaya L. T., Ishchenko E. A., Golubev D. A., Kolobanov K. A., Rastanina N. K.− 2019.

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Publication IOP Conference Series: Earth and Environmental Science
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Natalia Rastanina (Pacific National University) Mr Konstantin Kolobanov

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