Pollution by toxic elements of the natural environment of the northern territories as one of the main factors influencing the health of the indigenous peoples of the north

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Lomonosov Hall (The ITMO University)
Poster Environmental Protection Systems


Alexandr Gavrilenko


In connection with the intensification of the rate of anthropogenic transformation of the northern territories, their ability for partial or complete restoration decreases or completely disappears. The situation is aggravated by global climatic changes: an increase in temperatures contributes to the degradation of permafrost, an increase in the water level in the World Ocean, and a change in living conditions for animals and plant communities.
The development of deposits with the necessary industrial and life-supporting structures for the existence of leads to irreversible changes not only in the ecosystem of the northern territories, but also those who lived there long before the emergence of economic interests on the part of subsoil users - the indigenous small peoples of the north. Thawing of permafrost leads to changes in the migration of chemical elements in the soil, emissions of pollutants into the atmosphere are able to fix at carcinogenic, teratogenic and mutagenic levels. But the main thing is that with the loss of natural conditions for life, their culture, way of life and history disappear. The increase in the rate of extraction of natural resources creates a number of environmental and social problems for them.

Affiliation of speaker Saint-Petersburg research national institute of information technologies, mechanics and optics
Position of speaker student
Publication IOP Conference Series: Earth and Environmental Science

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