Synthesis of Cooling Water System under Varied Design Parameters

Apr 23, 2021, 9:30 AM
1224 (Lomonosov st. 9)


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ITMO University
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Mr Yufei Wang (China University of Petroleum)


Cooling water system is the largest water utilization system in chemical industry. Large amount of power is used to transport cooling water to its users. Current research focus on saving power by re-matching the cooler networks. However, most researches deal with cooling water system with constant design parameters. In practical, cooling tower is significantly affected by weather condition, and weather condition varies throughout the year. Additional, operation condition is also an uncertain parameter that fluctuates frequently. To consider the above-mentioned problems, firstly, a bi-optimization method for cooling water system is proposed to consider the varied parameters in both day-period and year-period. Air coolers is combined with cooling water system and the optimal cooling load distribution between air cooling and water cooling is determined. Then an optimization method is proposed to design the system with non-periodic varied weather and operation conditions. To deal with the varied parameter, most equipment should be oversized to guarantee steady operating, leading to very high investment. Therefore, in the last step, flexible cooler network topology method is proposed to find the optimal system structure that can vary in different periods. The objective function of the proposed work is minimizing total annual cost and the problem is solved by GAMS software. A case study is used to illustrate the effectiveness of the method.

Affiliation of speaker China University of Petroleum
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Mr Yufei Wang (China University of Petroleum) Mrs Bo Liu (China University of Petroleum)

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