Analysis of the energy efficiency of air conditioning systems based on of the outdoor climate statistical model

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Dr Alexander Sulin


The analysis of outdoor climate normative information, given in the form of calculated parameters of outdoor air for warm and cold periods of the year, is given. The requirements to the form of presentation of climatic information and to its content are formulated. The information is presented in the form of tables of recurrence of outdoor parameters in two-dimensional intervals for different cities of the Russian Federation and the capital of Iraq, Baghdad. It is shown that the information in the form of these tables can be used for the tasks indicated in the article at the stage of conceptual design of air conditioning system. The results of approbation of the considered form of climate information implemented at practical tasks are demonstrated. Among these results, special attention should pay to dependence of installation capacities of subsystems on the time of non-availability of the rated parameters of the air environment in a room. Moreover, it is shown by example that information about heat, cold, air, and water consumption by heat and humidity treatment in air conditioning systems can be determined for various calculated periods of time. The results were obtained using an applied computer program that execute the recommended form of presentation of climate information for the design of air conditioning systems

Publication IOP Conference Series: Earth and Environmental Science
Position of speaker professor
Affiliation of speaker ITMO University

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Mr Andrey Nikitin (National Research University ITMO) Dr Alexander Sulin Veronika Nikitina

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