ITMO University

ITMO University

ITMO University is one of the lead Universities in the Russian Federation. ITMO University participates in the national program for improving its position in the world ranking. ITMO University has the roadmap –activities for the increasing the competitiveness of ITMO University that directs its strategic development and improving its position in the world (ranking of THE (Times Higher Education) 401-500, QS World University Rankings – 436).

ITMO University includes 5 schools: Internet Technologies and Programming, Computer Technologies and Controls, Photonics, Refrigeration Industry and Food Biotechnologies, Economics, Management and Innovations, and 43 international research laboratories with international staff serving over 11 600 students, 1400 foreign students from 70 counties and about 1290 PhD-students. ITMO University offers 104 bachelor programmes, 146 master programmes and 45 PhD programmes in fundamental and applied disciplines.

University applies programs of international academic mobility, International Doctorate program; over 20 Master programmes are taught in English.

Saint-Petersburg State University of Refrigeration and Food Engineering became a part of the ITMO University in 2012. University of Refrigeration and Food Engineering was founded in 1931 and was the leading higher educational institution in the field of refrigeration engineering and food processing in the North-West of Russia.  In every sphere of human activity ranging from low temperature storage of agricultural products to the implementation of space projects one can find highly qualified specialists who are alumni of the University. By the present time the University has trained over 35.000 engineers, who have actively contributed to the making and development of refrigerating and cryogenic engineering, technology and equipment for food processing in Russia, CIS member states and states of Asia, Africa, Middle East, Baltic states.

ITMO University pays special attention to building a partnership network with the participants of innovative ecosystems on the city, national and international levels. University planning to implement the "science-education-business" collaboration model with the active involvement of business representatives into the primary processes of the functioning and development of the university. Improving of innovation activities at ITMO University is aimed at positioning the university as a driver of the knowledge based economy.

ITMO University is a member of multiple international organizations and associations: International Institute of Refrigeration, European University Association, Association of Technical Universities of Russia and of China, Society of Photo-Optical Instrumentation Engineers, European Optical Society, St. Petersburg Chamber of Commerce, Observatory Magna Charta Universitatum. The number of ITMO University international partners is around 180 Universities all over the world.

International Academy of Refrigeration (IAR) is a non-governmental organization based at the main part on Saint-Petersburg State University of Refrigeration and Food Engineering (ITMO University). It unites leading scientists, academics, professionals, engineers and businessmens. Its work is aimed at the complex solving of fundamental and applied problems in refrigerating and cryogenic engineering, low temperature power engineering, air conditioning, processing and storage of foods, ecology and economics, cryomedicine, training and retraining of specialists, all this diversity scope of human activities being bound up with production and application of natural and artificial cold.

IAR was established in Russia in June 1993 and registered by the Russian Federation Ministry of Justice (Certificate No. 2725) in 22 May 1995.

The activity of the Academy is accomplished via national and regional branches. IAR associates Russian and Ukrainian national branches, Baltic international department, Representative IAR office in the Republic of Byelorussia, twelve regional associations in Russia. The IAR members are the representatives of such countries as Algeria, Australia, Bangladesh, Bulgaria, China, Czech, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Great Britain, Guinea, Holland, India, Italy, Israel, Japan, Jordan, Korea, Kyrgystan, Latvia, Lebanon, Libya, Lithuania, Poland, Republic of Benin, Singapore, Spain, Switzerland, USA, Taiwan, Turkey, Uzbekistan, Yemen.

The Academy enrolls 1854 members:  29 honorary academicians, 827 full members, 813 corresponding members and 185 academic advisers. Among of them is the Nobel laureate, deputies of the State Duma of Russia, more than 400 professors, doctors and candidates of sciences. Over 90 Russian firms, organizations, research and developing institutes, educational institutions, and foreign companies are collective members. Many members of the IAR are members of IIR.

Every year the IAR holds Annual General Meetings. An official publishing organ of the Academy is Journal International Academy of Refrigeration.

National Research Tomsk Polytechnic University 

National Research Tomsk Polytechnic University

Being the oldest engineering higher school in the Asian part of Russia, Tomsk Polytechnic University has become an alma mater for generations of graduates, brilliant researchers, inspiring political and public figures, gifted teacher, and excellent engineers. Today TPU is a national research university which places special emphasis on advanced engineering education, creation of resource-efficient technologies, internationalization, and integration of research and academic activities.


The University core competencies lie in the area of engineering and applied sciences. TPU is a research university with a solid background in physics, applied engineering, and electronics. Along with this, TPU added nanotechnologies and alternative energy to its research portfolio. The University annual research budget is about $30 million, ranking second among technical and engineering higher schools in the country.  

Tomsk University is only an academic institution in Russia operating a nuclear reactor on campus for educational purposes. The nuclear facility has been operational since 1967, and it played a major role in the research activities.


The research and engineering schools offer a wide variety of degrees and programs. In total, there are about 12,000 students enrolled. 

TPU pursues a policy related to networking graduates with prospective employers. As a result, 95% of university graduates had job offers at graduation. In addition, TPU has developed an excellent ecosystem, allowing new talents to flourish within innovative research programs and collaborations.

International Activity

The TPU programs thrive through collaboration with other academic and industrial organizations. The University is a member of Conceiving - Designing - Implementing - Operating (CDIO) framework, originally launched by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and the Conference of European Schools for Advanced Engineering Education and Research (CESAER). TPU is also an associate member at Consortium Linking Universities of Science and Technology for Education and Research (CLUSTER), which serves as an umbrella for twelve European universities focusing on science and engineering.

We offer several double degree programs through partnership agreements with universities from Germany, France, the United Kingdom, the Czech Republic, and others. Over 3,000 international students are enrolled in programs, making Tomsk Polytechnic University a multicultural institution. Along with this, several multi-national companies such as Microsoft, Danfoss, Lapp Group, SolidWorks operate research units on the university campus.